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04 Desember 2011

How to use the Adobe Support Advisor - website archive

Adobe Support Advisor from official website

The Adobe Support Advisor (ASA) is a small application that analyzes failed installations of Creative Suite products, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Technical Communication Suite, and downloads from the Store. The ASA reads the installation log file of the product and gives direct links to support articles with instructions for solving the identified problem. The ASA also helps if you need assistance from Adobe technical support. It collects all of the relevant technical information about your system and installed Adobe software and can upload this information directly to the technical support team.

What's covered?

Adobe Support Advisor will support :
  • Download and install the Adobe Support Advisor
  • Troubleshoot install errors using the Adobe Support Advisor
  • Information uploaded by the ASA

Download and install the ASA from official website

Note :
It's necessary to log in to your computer as an administrative user to download and install the ASA.
  1. Go to the Adobe Support Advisor download page and click the link to download the Adobe Support Advisor for Mac OS or Windows.
  2. When prompted, click Open and then click Install. If you are prompted to Save File, save it to your hard drive and then double-click to open and install the saved file.
Note: If you are prompted that an older version of the Adobe Support Advisor is installed, click Replace.

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
Troubleshoot install errors using the ASA - website archives
  1. Open the Adobe Support Advisor. uBy default, when the Adobe Support Advisor starts, it analyzes your last installation attempt. If you'd like to turn off this option, click the Preferences button and deselect Autorun Diagnostics At Launch. Click the small x in the upper-right corner of the application window to close Preferences.
ASA Preferences
  1. Select the Diagnose panel and click Run for the Install Inspector for your product.
ASA Diagnose
  1. In the Result panel, click the link to the Adobe support solutions document for your issue.
  2. Complete the instructions in the support document to resolve the issue, and then try to reinstall your Adobe product.
  3. If ASA cannot match an error in the installation log file with a support article that contains a solution, click the Package For Support button.
    Package for Support
    Packaging your issue enables Adobe Technical Support to quickly access the information on your failure. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to troubleshoot your installation issue if you call.
    When you package your information, the ASA generates a key, or token. Adobe uses the token to identify your installation log, a summary of the errors identified, and some basic system information.
    Have the token number available if you contact Adobe to open a support case.
  4. Click the X to exit the ASA.
    When you exit the ASA, it asks if you want to send an issue report to Adobe. This report contains data that helps Adobe identify trends in installation issues and document solutions more quickly. These reports are not tracked back to your computer.
  5. Click Yes to upload the report or No to quit the ASA without uploading the report.
Information uploaded by the ASA
The ASA uploads files to Adobe under two circumstances: when you click Package For Support and when you exit the ASA tool.
Package For Support compresses and uploads the following information in a ZIP file:
  • The installation log for the last complete installation attempt, including information on the PDapp, amt3, oobelib, Creative  Suite Installation log, and so on.
  • An XML summary file that contains error IDs and snippets of information about the error messages
  • System information, including the version of the OS
If you choose to send Adobe an issue report when you exit the ASA, only the XML summary file is uploaded.

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