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19 Desember 2013

Feed Burner support website dan blog

Feedburner untuk website dan blog Hai Blogger dan Webmaster!

Bila Anda saat ini mengelola website (blog), maka sebaiknya gunakan layanan FeedBurner dari Google untuk membuat RSS Feed pada blog atau website.

How to get Feed Burner Support?

1.      Buka atau
         Muncul halaman My Feeds – Google FeedBurner yang menampilkan feed title
         dari semua website yang telah Anda registrasikan beserta perolehan Subsribers.

2.      Ketik nama website misalnya -  pada isian :
         Burn a feed right this instant, klik NEXT.

3.      Muncul halaman ini : (Beri tanda check pilihan Atom or RSS – default - nya Atom).
         Atau langsung klik NEXT

Identify Feed Source

The feed URL you entered is :

FeedBurner discovered more than one feed at that address. Please select one to use as your source :

website design – Atom:

website design – RSS:

4.       Muncul halaman berikut   

          Welcome! Let us burn a feed for you.

          Klik NEXT

         The original blog or feed address you entered has been verified.
          Here is what happens next in the setup process :
  • FeedBurner will apply some of most popular services to your new feed to get you started. (You can modify or remove them  later.)
  • This new feed will be activated in your FeedBurner account.
  • You may also set up some optional traffic stats tracking and podcasting services.

Give your feed its title and address

Feed Title :  website design
Enter a title to help identify your new feed in your account.
Feed Address : blogspot/koEUy The address above is where people can find your new feed.

Anda bisa mengganti URI atau Feed Address blogspot/koEUy dengan nama lain.

         misalnya – WebDesign

    Jika nama ditolak akan ada jawaban seperti ini 
         ----->      The uri "WebDesign" is already taken. Please choose another
        Ganti nama lagi hingga OK. Saya ketik webdesignku klik NEXT

5.      Muncul halaman ini :

Congrats! Your FeedBurner feed is now live. Want to dress it up a little?
Subscribe to your feed (and share with others!) at :

For your convenience, FeedBurner has applied the following services to your new feed:
  • BrowserFriendly improves your feed's appearance in most web browsers and makes it easier to subscribe to
  • FeedBurner Stats tracks basic feed traffic statistics
You control your feed. All services are optional and can be changed at any time.

You have completed Step 1 of 2. In Step 2, you may consider adding additional free FeedBurner Stats options for a more richly detailed view of your feed readership.

6,    Click NEXT  or  Skip directly to feed management.  Jika  : 
6a.  Click  Skip directly to feed management  -----> MENU UTAMA FeedBurner.
6b.  Jika klik NEXT maka muncul halaman ini :

Get More Gusto From Your Feed Traffic Statistics
FeedBurner Stats automatically measures the general traffic level for your feed. You may also consider additional options that can give you insight into how engaged your audience is with your content. (Tell me more about all FeedBurner Stats features.)

FeedBurner Stats automatically tracks 
  • Circulation — How many people are subscribed
  • Readership — What feed readers people are using
  • Uncommon Uses — Other services and sites using your feed
  • Clickthroughs — How often people click items back to your site
  • Item enclosure downloads (podcast downloads)
  • I want more! Have FeedBurner Stats also track
    • Individual item views and resyndication — Popularity of individual items
    • Reach — Number of people who viewed or clicked the content in your feed
Beri CHECK pada Clickthroughs dan I want more! Have FeedBurner Stats also track.
klik NEXT -----> MENU UTAMA FeedBurner  –  THE END

That's all we know


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