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23 Agustus 2012

Why having broken links is so bad for website?

Why having broken website links is so bad?

broken website link chain
Link mati (broken link) pada  website tentu saja sangat mengganggu dan memiliki pengaruh buruk terhadap popularitas website dan usaha optimalisasi search engine (SEO) – Jika website Anda untuk menjalankan bisnis online maka keberadaan broken link ini menyebabkan dampak yang sangat merugikan, begitu pula reputasi bisnis online Anda.  Bayangkan kekesalan klien Anda ketika klik link mati saat membutuhkan informasi penting tentang produk Anda. Besar kemungkinan  mereka secara perlahan meninggalkan bisnis Anda dan beralih ke pesaing.

Apa akibatnya terhadap bisnis online Anda jika website Anda memiliki link mati :
  • Para pelanggan setia (customers base) akan pergi (Pelanggan yang ada semakin lama semakin merasa frustasi dan alasan ini yang menjadikan mereka tidak mau kembali lagi).
  • Kesulitan mendapatkan pelanggan baru (karena adanya link-link yang mati, menyebabkan orang tidak mudah menemukan suatu informasi atau halaman web yang mereka cari).
  • Merusak reputasi bisnis online (Semua pelanggan bisnis online beranggapan bahwa link basi (stale hyperlink) atau link mati (broken link) mendemonstrasikan <<tidak ada rasa tanggungjawab>> dari si pemilik website bisnis online).
  • Website yang memiliki link mati juga akan mendapat dampak buruk pada peringkat website terkait dengan Search Engine utama  (seperti Google, Yahoo, Bing etc).
Semua itu menghadirkan masalah sangat serius yang orang kadang menyebutnya  "link rot problem" atau  dikenal sebagai "rotten" weblink nama lain dari situasi "dead URL."

What is the nature of invalid hyperlinks?

With growth of web-site content it's getting harder and harder to manage relations between individual webpages and keep track of hyperlinks within a site. Unfortunately there are no perfect web-site integrity tools or services that can enforce proper relationship between pages, keep track of moving content, webpage renames etc, and update corresponding URLs automatically. With time this causes some hyperlinks become obsolete, stale, dangling, and simply - dead because they don't lead to valid pages anymore, and web-users are going to get 404 response codes (infamousPage Not Found errors) or other unsuccessful HTTP responses each time when they try to access the web-pages.

Modern content management systems (e.g. Joomla!) may aggravate the problem even more - by replicating the same dead weblinks across numerous if web-pages which they generate dynamically so people can be getting 404 errors much more frequently. All the just described happens to internal links all the time.

With external ones the situation is even worse: the external website you are linking to can change names and locations of their websites any time without any notice.

The external servers can be put down (temporarily or forever) or their domain expire or be sold. Alas you don't have any control over such things so the only good remedy would be performing regular sanity tests probing each single reference to make sure it's still alive.

Why you need our online link checker

Due to lack of adequate problem detection tools (aka URL validators, web spiders, website's health analyzers etc) it's really very hard to identify what exact hyperlinks became dead, and it's even harder to fix those because in order to do so you need to know precise location of the broken linking tag in the HTML code: without that you will need to scan through thousands lines of HTML to find exact HREF (or other linking sub-tag) that causes the problem.

This is exactly where our on-line URL Checker truely shines: it will check your entire site - all pages searching for issues and will make you aware of invalid webpage references on your website, and it will tell you precisely where to fix those! For each bad hyperlink found you will see a page that contains HTML source and highlights the actual HTML tag containing the non-working url.

As 100% online tool running in the Internet our free Website Scanner & Problem Detector can be used on any computer no mater if it's Mac, PC, iPad, Droid and whether it runs Windows, Mac / Apple OSX, Android, Linux or UNIX. It's Microsoft Windows 7 compatible as well! All popular browsers are fully supported including (but not limited to) IE, Firefox & Mozilla, Chrome, Opera and Safari. All this makes this analyser a true cross-platform SEO tool always ready for your use! Moreover, our HTTP server spider is capable of crawling and checking any website no matter if it's coded by hand - with pure HTML / XHTML, or is based on PHP, ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion etc or is built using Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, DotNetNuke, Magento, or any other CMS and e-Commerce platforms.

We are getting a lot of positive feedback and many webmasters name this service as one of the best tools available on the World-Wide-Web. Try it yourself to see why it's so popular!

More cool & free features are coming soon including higher limits, MS Excel report export, and for SEO experts - additional configurational parameters.

There is also a no-limit commercial version of this checker available that allows to validate sites of any size (even huge ones) without page limitations, get results exported in CSV format, and have automated reports produced for you by scheduledruns. For details please contact this.

That's all we know - Happy blog blogger - semoga bermanfaat


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